f They always find you

They always find you

>before you start<

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If I’m not with somebody who really excites or inspires me, then I’d rather be by myself. —Unknown (via asdfghjkllove)
I walk into a room, and for this industry, I’m impossibly tall. When they find it hard to pair you up with the opposite sex, then what’s left for a woman? Either you’re the ball-buster or the not-so-attractive girlfriend standing by the lead. I mean, traditionally not so attractive. Because you have your starlets and then you have their best friends who are these character actresses. When you fall within the cracks, you thank God for sci-fi, because they’ll give you a gun, and they’ll say, ‘Go over there and conquer that world. You kick some ass, girl!’

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I want to show someone that I’m not alone






Will this about cover it? This should cover it just fine, Lottie!

I just love Lottie’s adorable little jump here!!!

I love how Tiana was never too proud to accept help from friends, and the movie didn’t show this as making her any less hard working or devoted. I think that’s an important lesson.

Similarly, Lottie was always giving and loving, even though she was by all counts supposedly a spoiled brat. This is truly one of my favorite Disney friendships.


One of the most dramatic moments of season 1.



You two need to fucking stop I swear to god I can’t right now


turn down



Dancing Superheroes :)



this is my newest commission by Eve.  one of my favorite films is Stardust so i asked for the scene where Tristan and Yvaine dance on the pirate ship johnlock style.  if you know the story you know that stars glow when they are happy or in love.

when ever i think of star John i always think of Stardust.  Eve did an amazing job of taking the idea of the scene and making it something new. her work is perfect and you should think about commissioning her if you have a chance.

This was such fun drawing and it was a joy drawing this !